VR Headsets and Xbox Series X – Compatibility Guide

Published on: November 29, 2023
Written by John Stevens / Fact-checked by Hashim Manna

Currently, Xbox Series X does not support VR headsets directly. This means there are no VR headsets specifically designed to work with the Xbox Series X. However, there are alternative ways to experience VR content.

The Xbox Series X, a powerful gaming console, has sparked interest in virtual reality capabilities. Despite its advanced hardware, the console does not natively support VR headsets as of now. This has led to questions about the future of VR on Xbox platforms, especially considering the growing popularity of VR gaming. Gamers often inquire about compatible VR headsets for Xbox One and Xbox Series X, reflecting a strong desire for immersive gaming experiences on these consoles.

For Xbox One, users have experimented with third-party solutions to access VR content, but these setups are not officially supported by Microsoft. The question of when Xbox will release its own VR headset remains unanswered, leaving gamers anticipating future developments. The potential for VR gaming on Xbox is significant, given the console’s robust performance capabilities. The introduction of VR would open up a new realm of gaming experiences, with possibilities for unique and immersive gameplay.

what vr headsets work with xbox series x

Currently, the best way to experience VR gaming with Xbox Series X is through indirect methods, such as using a compatible PC VR headset connected to a PC running Xbox games. This workaround, while not ideal, allows gamers to enjoy a form of VR gaming. The anticipation for Xbox Series X VR games continues to grow, with hopes that Microsoft will eventually embrace VR technology for its console.

For those interested in the evolving landscape of VR gaming on Xbox consoles, a detailed article below offers more insights. It delves into current options, potential future developments, and the overall state of VR gaming in the context of Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

What VR Headsets Work With Xbox Series X?

Current State of VR on Xbox Series X

Overview of Xbox Series X Capabilities

The Xbox Series X has been a game-changer in the gaming world, boasting impressive hardware and performance. Yet, it’s surprising that this powerhouse doesn’t support Virtual Reality (VR) headsets natively. This gap in its capabilities has left many gamers wondering about the potential for VR on this advanced console. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for Xbox enthusiasts and the future of VR gaming.

Analysis of VR Support on Xbox Series X

Despite its advanced technology, the Xbox Series X currently lacks direct support for VR headsets. This absence is notable, especially as VR gaming continues to grow in popularity. Gamers are eager to see how Microsoft might integrate VR into this console, considering its potential to transform the gaming experience with immersive environments and interactive gameplay.

VR Headsets: Compatibility with Xbox Series X

Examination of Third-Party VR Headsets

While the Xbox Series X doesn’t support VR headsets directly, there’s a buzz around third-party VR headsets. Gamers have been experimenting with various models to see if they can bridge this gap. This exploration reflects the community’s desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible with the Xbox Series X.

Workarounds for Using VR with Xbox Series X

In the absence of direct support, creative workarounds have emerged. Some gamers use PC VR headsets connected to their Xbox Series X through a PC. This method isn’t straightforward but shows the lengths gamers are willing to go to experience VR on this console.

VR Headsets and Xbox Compatibility

VR Headset Specifications and Xbox Compatibility

VR Headset ModelResolution per EyeField of ViewXbox Series X Compatibility
Oculus Rift S1280 x 1440110 degreesNo
HTC Vive Pro1440 x 1600110 degreesNo
Valve Index1440 x 1600130 degreesNo
Sony PlayStation VR960 x 1080100 degreesNo
visual chart (1) vr headset specifications and xbox compatibility
visual chart (1) vr headset specifications and xbox compatibility

This table highlights the specifications of popular VR headsets and their compatibility with the Xbox Series X. As seen, none of these headsets are directly compatible with the console.

Alternative Solutions for VR on Xbox Series X

The quest for VR on Xbox Series X has led to alternative solutions. Using PC VR headsets to play Xbox games is a popular method. This involves streaming Xbox games to a PC and then using a VR headset connected to the PC. It’s a roundabout way but offers a glimpse into what VR gaming could look like on the Xbox Series X.

Future of VR in Xbox Gaming

Insights into Microsoft’s VR Plans

Microsoft has been tight-lipped about their plans for VR on the Xbox Series X. This secrecy has only fueled speculation and anticipation within the gaming community. Will they release a dedicated VR headset, or will they continue to focus on traditional gaming experiences? Only time will tell.

Potential Developments in Xbox VR Technology

The potential for VR in Xbox gaming is immense. Imagine stepping into the worlds of your favorite Xbox games, experiencing them in a completely new way. The integration of VR would not only enhance the gaming experience but also position Xbox as a leader in this evolving technology.

VR Gaming Experience on Xbox

Analysis of Current VR Gaming Options

Currently, the options for VR gaming on Xbox are limited. The workaround methods offer a taste, but they’re not the full experience that gamers are craving. This situation has led to a growing demand for more immersive gaming options on the Xbox Series X.

Prospects for Future Xbox Series X VR Games

The future of VR games on Xbox Series X is an exciting prospect. As technology advances, we might see games that are specifically designed for VR, offering new levels of interaction and immersion. This could be a game-changer for the Xbox Series X.

VR Technology in Gaming Consoles

Comparison of VR Support Across Different Gaming Consoles

When we compare the Xbox Series X to other gaming consoles, its lack of VR support stands out. Consoles like the PlayStation have embraced VR, offering a range of VR games and experiences. This comparison highlights the gap in the Xbox’s gaming experience.

Impact of VR on Gaming Experiences

VR has the potential to revolutionize gaming experiences. It offers a level of immersion that traditional gaming can’t match. As more consoles adopt VR, it will likely become a standard feature that gamers expect.

VR Features Comparison Across Gaming Platforms

VR Features Comparison Across Gaming Platforms

FeatureXbox Series XPlayStation 5Nintendo Switch
Native VR SupportNoYesNo
VR Game AvailabilityLimitedExtensiveLimited
VR Headset CompatibilityNoYesNo
infographic (1) vr features comparison across gaming platforms
infographic (1) vr features comparison across gaming platforms

This table shows how the Xbox Series X compares to other major gaming platforms in terms of VR features. It’s clear that Xbox lags behind in this area, especially compared to PlayStation 5.


Can Xbox Series X Stream VR Content to a Headset?

Yes, Xbox Series X can stream VR content to a headset, but not directly. This is done by streaming Xbox games to a PC that is VR-ready and then using a VR headset connected to the PC. This method requires a strong network connection to ensure smooth gameplay and might not provide the same level of immersion as a native VR experience. It’s a workaround that allows Xbox Series X owners to get a taste of VR gaming, albeit with some limitations in terms of performance and game compatibility.

Will Omori Be Available on VR Headsets for Xbox Series X?

Unfortunately, there are no current plans for omori to be available on VR headsets for Xbox Series X. It is unclear what the reasons for omori’s removal from VR platforms are, but fans are hopeful that the game will eventually be made compatible for virtual reality gaming.

Is There a Way to Use Xbox Controllers with VR Headsets?

Using Xbox controllers with VR headsets is possible, but it depends on the VR system and the game. Some PC VR games allow players to use Xbox controllers as an input method. This setup is particularly useful for games that don’t require motion controls. However, this experience might not be as immersive as using dedicated VR controllers, which are designed to enhance the VR experience with features like motion tracking and haptic feedback.

Are There Any Plans for a Microsoft VR Headset?

As of my last update, Microsoft had not announced any plans to release a VR headset specifically for the Xbox Series X. The company has focused on developing mixed reality experiences through its HoloLens platform and supporting PC-based VR headsets. However, the gaming community remains hopeful that Microsoft will eventually enter the VR gaming market, considering the growing interest and advancements in VR technology.

Can Xbox Series X Games Be Converted to VR?

Converting Xbox Series X games to VR is not straightforward. VR games are designed with a different approach, focusing on immersion and interaction in a 3D space. While some games might be adaptable to a VR format, it requires significant development work to redesign the game mechanics and visuals for a VR environment. As of now, there are no tools or services that automatically convert standard Xbox games into VR experiences.

What Are the Challenges of Integrating VR with Xbox Series X?

Integrating VR with Xbox Series X faces several challenges. Firstly, VR requires high-performance hardware to render two different high-resolution images for each eye, which can be demanding even for powerful consoles. Secondly, there’s the issue of developing a user interface and experience suitable for VR, which differs significantly from traditional gaming. Lastly, there’s a need for a robust library of VR content to make the investment worthwhile for gamers and developers alike.

How Does Xbox Series X’s Hardware Support VR?

Xbox Series X’s hardware, in theory, is quite capable of supporting VR. It has a powerful CPU and GPU, fast SSD storage, and ample memory, all of which are crucial for VR’s demanding performance requirements. The console’s ability to render high-quality graphics at fast frame rates is a key component for a smooth VR experience. However, without native VR support and software optimization, this potential remains untapped for VR purposes.

What Are the Best Practices for Using VR with Xbox Series X?

For those looking to use VR with Xbox Series X, the best practice is to ensure a high-quality and safe VR experience. This includes using a reliable streaming service to connect the Xbox to a VR-ready PC, ensuring a stable and fast internet connection, and choosing games that are known to work well with VR setups. Additionally, it’s important to set up a safe play area free from obstacles and to take regular breaks to prevent VR-related discomfort.

In summary, while the Xbox Series X is a powerful console, it currently lacks direct VR headset support. This gap has led to a community-driven exploration of alternative solutions and speculation about the future of VR in Xbox gaming. The potential for VR on Xbox Series X is vast, and it could significantly enhance the gaming experience. As the gaming world evolves, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft responds to the growing demand for VR on their flagship console.

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