Can You Experience Call of Duty WW2 Offline on PS4? Here’s What You Need to Know

Published on: September 18, 2023
Written by John Stevens / Fact-checked by Hashim Manna

Yes, you can play Call of Duty WW2 offline on PS4. No internet connection is necessary for gameplay.

Call of Duty WW2, a popular title on PS4, offers players the flexibility to enjoy its content without always being tethered to the internet. For those who prefer or need to play offline, this game provides that option. This is especially beneficial for those who might not have a stable internet connection or simply wish to play without any interruptions. 

can you experience call of duty ww2 offline on ps4

If you’re wondering about updates, it’s possible to play Call of Duty WW2 without the latest update on PS4, although some features or fixes from the update might be missing. For those looking to download the game for offline play, ensure you have the necessary storage space on your console. Interestingly, this offline feature isn’t exclusive to PS4. 

Xbox One users can also relish the offline gameplay experience, including the campaign and multiplayer modes. As for the specific update 1.25 for PS4, it’s recommended to check the official website or game forums for direct download links and details. In essence, Call of Duty WW2 offers a versatile gaming experience, catering to both online and offline players across different platforms.

Can I Play Call of Duty WW2 Offline on PS4?

Background of Offline Gaming

Evolution of offline gaming in consoles

Remember the good old days when you’d pop a cartridge into a console and just start playing? No updates, no internet, just pure gaming. That’s the essence of offline gaming. Over the years, as technology advanced, the gaming world saw a shift towards online multiplayer. Yet, the charm of offline gaming remains, reminding us of simpler times.

Why offline gaming still matters in the age of online multiplayer

Online gaming is all the rage, but there’s something special about offline gaming. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, or perhaps the freedom from internet glitches and trolls. Offline gaming offers a solo experience, where it’s just you and the game. No distractions, no waiting for updates, just pure, unadulterated gameplay.

Call of Duty WW2: A Brief Overview

The game’s premise and setting

Set against the backdrop of World War II, Call of Duty WW2 takes players on a gripping journey through historic battles. From the beaches of Normandy to the heart of Europe, players get to relive epic moments. It’s not just about shooting; it’s about experiencing history firsthand.

Key features that make it stand out

What sets Call of Duty WW2 apart? For starters, its realistic graphics and sound design transport players right into the battlefield. Then there’s the engaging storyline, filled with twists and turns. And let’s not forget the diverse range of weapons and tactics available, making every game session unique.

Setting Up Call of Duty WW2 on PS4

Initial setup without internet

Got a PS4 and Call of Duty WW2? Great! Kick things off without a hitch. Simply insert the game disc, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’re good to go. No internet? No problem. The game doesn’t force you into online mode, giving you the freedom to play as you wish.

Profile creation for offline mode

Before diving into the action, you’ll want to set up a profile. This allows the game to save your progress and preferences. It’s a breeze: navigate to the game’s main menu, select ‘create profile’, and follow the prompts. And guess what? No internet needed for this either!

Offline Gameplay Modes in Call of Duty WW2

Campaign mode: A solo journey through history

Ready for a rollercoaster ride through WWII? The campaign mode is where it’s at. Experience the highs and lows of war, make critical decisions, and shape the outcome. It’s a single-player mode, so you get the entire story, with all its intensity, all to yourself.

Multiplayer mode: Local battles without the web

Fancy some friendly competition? The offline multiplayer mode lets you challenge friends right in your living room. Choose your map, pick your weapons, and let the battles begin. It’s all the fun of online multiplayer, minus the internet woes.

Updates and Offline Gameplay

Playing without the latest updates: Pros and cons

So, you’ve skipped a few updates. What now? Well, you can still play, but there might be some missing features or fixes. On the bright side, you won’t have to wait for downloads. On the flip side, you might miss out on some cool new content. It’s a trade-off.

How to ensure optimal offline gameplay experience

Want the best offline experience? Keep your game updated. While you can play without the latest patches, updates often bring enhancements and fixes. Periodically connect your PS4 to the internet, grab those updates, and then go back to your offline haven.

Comparing Offline Capabilities: PS4 vs. Xbox One

Differences in setup and gameplay

Both PS4 and Xbox One offer offline gameplay, but there are nuances. PS4, for instance, is more lenient with offline setups, while Xbox One has had some restrictions in the past. Gameplay-wise, both consoles deliver stellar experiences, but the setup process might sway your preference.

Why PS4 offers a unique offline experience

PS4 stands out in the offline gaming realm. Why? It’s user-friendly, for one. The console doesn’t push you online unless necessary. Plus, games like Call of Duty WW2 are optimized for the PS4’s hardware, ensuring smooth and immersive gameplay.

Offline Download Details

Storage requirements for Call of Duty WW2

Before you jump into the action, ensure your PS4 has enough storage. Call of Duty WW2 demands its fair share of space. Clear out old games or data if needed. A little housekeeping ensures a seamless gaming experience.

Tips for smooth and hassle-free downloading

Thinking of downloading the game for offline play? Use a wired connection for faster speeds. Also, ensure no other devices hog the bandwidth. Once downloaded, you’re free to disconnect and dive into the game.

Benefits of Offline Gameplay

benefits of offline gameplay

No interruptions: A seamless gaming experience

Ever been in an intense game session, only to be booted out due to a lost internet connection? With offline gaming, that’s history. Enjoy uninterrupted sessions, where the only breaks are the ones you choose to take.

Saving on internet data and avoiding potential lags

Offline gaming is a data saver. No more worrying about data caps or slow speeds. Plus, without the internet, there’s zero lag. It’s gaming in its purest form, just you and the console.


Can I Play Call of Duty WW2 on PS4 Without an Internet Connection?

Absolutely! Call of Duty WW2 on PS4 offers an offline mode, allowing players to enjoy the game without needing an internet connection. This is especially beneficial for those who might not have a consistent internet connection or simply prefer to play games without any online interruptions.

What Features Are Available in the Offline Mode?

In the offline mode of Call of Duty WW2, players can access the campaign mode, which takes them through various historic battles of World War II. Additionally, there’s an offline multiplayer mode where you can challenge friends locally, right in your living room.

Do I Need to Update the Game to Play Offline?

No, you don’t need to have the latest update to play the game offline. However, keep in mind that playing without the latest updates might mean missing out on some new features, enhancements, or bug fixes that come with the updates.

How Do I Set Up Call of Duty WW2 for Offline Play on PS4?

Setting up the game for offline play is straightforward. Insert the game disc into your PS4, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’re set. If you wish to save your progress, you can create a profile from the game’s main menu, all without needing an internet connection.

Is the Offline Experience Different from Online Gameplay?

While the core gameplay remains consistent, playing offline means you won’t have access to online multiplayer battles against players worldwide. However, you’ll still have access to the game’s campaign and local multiplayer modes.

Can I Download Call of Duty WW2 for Offline Play?

Yes, you can download the game for offline play. Ensure you have enough storage space on your PS4. Once downloaded, you can play the game without needing an internet connection. Just remember to occasionally check for updates to get the best experience.

How Does Call of Duty WW2’s Offline Mode Compare to Other Games?

Call of Duty WW2 stands out for its rich storyline set in World War II and its commitment to providing a seamless offline experience. While many modern games emphasize online play, Call of Duty WW2 ensures that players who prefer offline gaming aren’t left behind, offering a full-fledged experience without the need for the internet.

Call of Duty WW2 on PS4 offers a blend of history and action, all without the need for an internet connection. Whether you’re reliving WWII events or challenging friends in local battles, the game ensures a top-notch experience. With easy setup, diverse gameplay modes, and the freedom to play offline, it’s a title that respects player preferences. So, ready to embark on an offline adventure with Call of Duty WW2 on PS4? The battlefield awaits!

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