Do AirPods Case Lose Battery When Not in Use?

Published on: July 4, 2023
Written by John Stevens / Fact-checked by Hashim Manna

Yes, AirPods case does lose battery even if not in use. The battery drain in the AirPods case is a common occurrence irrespective of usage.

The AirPods case is designed to continuously charge the AirPods whenever they are housed within. As such, AirPods in the case lead to a gradual battery drain. This phenomenon explains why AirPods seldom lose battery life while nestled in the case, but the case itself undergoes a slow power decrease.

do airpods case lose battery when not in use

AirPods Pro, as well as AirPods 3, exhibit this same pattern of battery drain. Many users have taken to platforms like Reddit to discuss this particular issue. They affirm the common experience of observing the AirPods case battery drain, despite the AirPods not being in active use. Even though the case is intended to provide multiple recharges for the AirPods, it continues to deplete its stored energy even when the earbuds are fully charged or not in use.

Longevity of charge in AirPods can be subjective, but it’s typically observed that the earbuds can remain charged for quite a while if left untouched. The case, contrarily, would lose power over time due to the inherent design and the aim to always keep the AirPods ready for use.

Some users may also notice that one AirPod tends to drain faster than the other. This can be attributed to one AirPod undertaking more tasks such as playing audio or managing active noise cancellation. Factors like these can make one AirPod lose battery faster, further contributing to the overall power drainage in the case.

In essence, the AirPods case does drain battery when not in use due to its intrinsic feature to maintain the AirPods at full charge. This may seem like the AirPods are losing battery quickly, but it is largely due to the constant recharging process from the case.

AirPods and Their Battery Life Unraveled

Let’s proceed to our core inquiry: Do AirPods Case Lose Battery When Not in Use? To approach this effectively, it’s critical first to acquaint ourselves with AirPods and their operation.

A Glimpse at AirPods

AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds introduced by Apple Inc. These trailblazing devices have revolutionized our audio interactions, delivering high-quality sound without the hassle of wires. With this ease comes several queries, including concerns about battery life.

Life of AirPods’ Battery

Ordinarily, we think of battery life as the duration a device can be used before it powers down. But with AirPods, this concept extends beyond the earbuds themselves; the case they come in also carries a charge.

The Charger: AirPods Case

The AirPods case is more than a holder. It’s a covert power bank, designed to hold multiple charges for your AirPods, ensuring you have hours of listening time on the go.

Do AirPods Case Lose Battery When Not in Use?

Returning to our focal question: Do AirPods case lose battery when not in use? The answer may not be as simple as it appears, but let’s decipher this puzzle.

The Puzzle of the Diminishing Battery

Contrary to what you may think, the AirPods case does indeed lose battery over time, even if it’s not being used. Various factors contribute to this battery drain, which we’ll examine next.

Reasons for Battery Drain in an Idle AirPods Case

Why does an AirPods case lose battery while it’s just sitting around? There’s more than a single reason for this.

Keeping a Bluetooth Connection

Your AirPods and their case keep a low-energy Bluetooth connection to your devices, even when you’re not using them. This allows them to be ready for immediate use, but it does use some power.

Firmware Updates

Battery drain also occurs in the case during automatic firmware updates for the AirPods stored inside. These updates aren’t common, but they can impact the battery life of the case.

Containing Battery Drain in an AirPods Case

Knowing that your AirPods case does lose battery when not in use, what measures can you implement to limit this drain?

Let AirPods Breathe

It can be beneficial to keep your AirPods out of the case if you’re not using them. The case only keeps a Bluetooth connection and updates firmware with the AirPods inside.

Charge Frequently

Short, regular charging cycles can help maintain the health of your AirPods case battery. It’s not compulsory to exhaust the battery before recharging.

Straight Answers to Common Queries

Can AirPods Pro Case Battery Drain When Not in Use?

Yes, an AirPods Pro case does experience battery drain even if the AirPods are not in use. This occurs due to the case’s inherent feature of continuously charging the AirPods, even if they are already fully charged.

Does the AirPods 3 Case Also Experience Battery Drain?

Yes, the AirPods 3 case is similar to its predecessors in terms of experiencing battery drain when the AirPods are not in use. The case is designed to constantly keep the AirPods charged, which leads to its own battery drain over time.

Why Are My AirPods Losing Battery in the Case?

Your AirPods are losing battery in the case because the case continuously charges the AirPods, even if they are not in use. This design ensures your AirPods are always ready for use, but can result in the case’s battery draining more quickly.

Why Do My AirPods Run Out of Battery Quickly?

AirPods may run out of battery quickly due to various reasons. If one AirPod is doing more tasks like playing audio or handling noise cancellation, it may drain faster. Additionally, leaving the AirPods out of the case leads to battery drain as the case acts as their charging dock.

How Long Do AirPods Stay Charged When Not in Use?

AirPods can stay charged for a few hours when not in use, but this largely depends on various factors, such as the battery’s age and the environmental conditions. Note that leaving them out of the case for extended periods will result in battery drain.

Can AirPods Die Without Being Used?

Yes, AirPods can eventually lose battery life without being used if they are left outside the case for a prolonged period. The case acts as the primary charging source, and without it, the AirPods’ battery will slowly drain.

Do AirPods Use Battery When Not in the Case?

Yes, AirPods will use battery power when not in the case. The case serves as a charging source for the AirPods. When left outside the case, the AirPods are not being charged and hence, slowly use up their battery charge.

what happens if you leave your airpods out of the case overnight

Wrapping it Up

So, in response to the central query, “Do AirPods case lose battery when not in use?”, we can say yes. Although it may seem surprising to some, an idle AirPods case does indeed lose battery, though the drain is generally minimal. By recognizing the factors leading to this drain and taking simple steps to mitigate it, users can prolong the life of their AirPods case battery, ensuring the continuous enjoyment of their preferred audio content.

Each technological wonder comes with its unique traits, and the AirPods case is no exception. While it may lose a bit of battery when not in use, its portability and the ability to charge your AirPods multiple times make it a remarkable accessory for audiophiles and podcast enthusiasts.

Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, enjoy your AirPods and their case without stressing about the battery drain while idle. Here’s to the joy of listening!

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