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Reset Roku TV Frozen | Reset Roku Player | Fix Roku TV

How to reset Frozen your Roku TV or your Roku streaming player, and in this article we are going to be showing you how to reset Frozen your Roku TV or your Roku streaming player, and you might want to do this because you have an application that’s frozen or something isn’t working quite right so we definitely recommend just trying to reset your device as the first option to fix it. So to do this, just unplug the power source, and then wait about 20 seconds and plug it back in but another option that you can do is just take out your Roku remote and click the home button five times. And then the button, and then rewind twice, and then fast forward twice.

So that’s kind of a little more interesting way to go about resetting your device, especially if it can be hard to reach the plug for whatever reason, on your specifically your Roku TV if you don’t want to unplug that, and then plug it back in after 20 seconds and then so it’ll kind of just pause here on this page for maybe about 20 seconds or so and then it’ll go through its reboot phase and restart your system. So, hopefully, whatever issue you’re having with your Roku being frozen or lagging or something isn’t working quite right. If you go through and reboot it and restart it hopefully that gets you back in having working things out properly .

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