Play UFC 4 With Friends: A Step-by-Step Guide

Published on: September 1, 2023
Written by John Stevens / Fact-checked by Hashim Manna

Yes, you can play UFC 4 with friends. This feature is available on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

UFC 4, developed by EA Sports, is a mixed martial arts fighting video game that has gained popularity among fans of the sport. It allows you to engage in exciting fights with your friends online. If you are facing issues with the ‘invite a friend’ feature, it might be due to server problems or a glitch in the game. For Xbox users, inviting friends to play UFC 4 involves sending an invite through the Xbox interface. On the PS4, playing with two players requires two controllers, which the game supports.

can you play ufc 4 with friends

Unfortunately, UFC 4 does not support cross-platform play, which means players on Xbox cannot compete with those on PlayStation. Also, as of now, there is no official information about UFC 5. Fans have been eagerly waiting for any news regarding the next installment, but there have been no announcements from EA Sports.

For players looking to improve their skills, practicing combos is essential. Combos are a series of attacks that can deal significant damage to your opponent. Mastering these combos can give you an edge in fights.

Interested in more tips and tricks for UFC 4? Check out the detailed article below.

Can You Play UFC 4 With Friends? Step-by-Step Guide

Are you ready to have some action-packed fun with your friends? UFC 4 by EA Sports is the latest iteration in the popular mixed martial arts video game series. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting started, this guide will help you navigate everything you need to know about playing UFC 4 with friends, including troubleshooting tips for common issues. So, let’s get started!

Playing UFC 4 With Friends

Setting Up A Multiplayer Match

Before you can throw punches with your pals, you’ll need to set up a multiplayer match. Start by navigating to the main menu of UFC 4. Here, you will find several options, but for now, focus on the ‘Fight Now’ option. Select it, and then choose ‘Multiplayer’. This is where you get to choose your fighter. Go through the list of available fighters and select your preferred one. Now comes the fun part – inviting your friends.

If you are playing on a console, navigate to your friends’ list, select the friend you want to invite, and send them an invitation. If you’re playing on PC, the process is pretty similar. Remember, your friend will need to have a copy of UFC 4 to accept your invitation.

Playing With 2 Controllers

Can you play UFC 4 with friends using two controllers on the same console? Absolutely! It’s a great way to have some friendly competition without any online hassle. First, make sure both controllers are connected to your console. Next, navigate to the ‘Fight Now’ option on the main menu and select ‘Local Multiplayer’. This will allow you to play with another person in the same room. Just select your fighters, and you’re good to go!

Inviting Friends on Xbox

Inviting friends to join your game on Xbox is relatively straightforward. First, make sure you and your friend are both online and have an active Xbox Live subscription. Next, launch UFC 4 and navigate to the ‘Fight Now’ option. Select ‘Online Multiplayer’ and then ‘Invite Friends’. Your friends’ list will appear, and you can select the friend you want to invite. If your friend is having trouble receiving the invitation, make sure they are logged into their Xbox Live account and have their online status set to ‘Online’. This should resolve the common ‘UFC 4 invite a friend not working’ issue.

Playing 2 Player on PS4

Playing a 2-player match on UFC 4 on PS4 is similar to playing with two controllers. Ensure both controllers are connected and then navigate to the ‘Fight Now’ option. Select ‘Local Multiplayer’, choose your fighters, and get ready for some action. If you want to play online with a friend, select ‘Online Multiplayer’ instead, and then choose ‘Invite Friends’. Your friends’ list will appear, and you can select the friend you want to invite. Simple as that!

UFC 4 Features and Tips

Combos and Techniques

Mastering combos and techniques in UFC 4 is crucial to winning fights. Here’s a table of basic and advanced combos to help you improve your game:

ComboButton Combination (Xbox)Button Combination (PS4)
Jab + StraightX, YSquare, Triangle
Hook + UppercutA, BX, Circle
Jab + Hook + UppercutX, A, BSquare, X, Circle
Straight + Hook + JabY, A, XTriangle, X, Square

These are just a few basic combos to get you started. As you progress, you will learn more advanced combos that can help you dominate your opponents.

UFC 4 Servers

If you’re experiencing connectivity issues, it might be due to the status of the UFC 4 servers. Server issues can affect your ability to play online with friends. You can check the server status on the official EA Sports website or follow their social media accounts for updates. If the servers are down, you may have to wait until they are back up and running. If the servers are fine but you are still experiencing issues, check your internet connection and try restarting your router.

Cross-Platform Play in UFC 4

cross-platform play in ufc 4

Is UFC 4 Cross-Platform?

Currently, UFC 4 does not support cross-platform play. This means that if you are playing on Xbox, you can only play with friends who also have an Xbox. Similarly, if you are playing on PlayStation, you can only play with friends who have a PlayStation. It’s a bit of a bummer, but there are alternative ways to play with friends who have different gaming systems, such as setting up online tournaments or watching each other’s matches via live streaming.

UFC 5 and Beyond

What’s Next After UFC 4?

While there is no official confirmation from EA Sports about UFC 5, there is always hope for a new installment in the series. Fans are eagerly waiting for news about the next game and are hoping for improvements in graphics, gameplay, and, of course, the ability to play cross-platform. Only time will tell what the future holds for the UFC gaming series.


Playing UFC 4 with friends can be a blast, whether you are playing locally with two controllers or online. Remember to set up your multiplayer match correctly, invite your friends, and master those combos to dominate your opponents. Although UFC 4 does not support cross-platform play, there are still ways to enjoy the game with friends who have different gaming systems. And while there is no official news about UFC 5, fans remain hopeful for improvements in the future.


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