Troubleshooting Guide: Solve ‘JBL Charge 5 Won’t Turn Off’ Issue

Published on: July 30, 2023
Written by John Stevens / Fact-checked by Hashim Manna

If your JBL Charge 5 doesn’t turn off, it’s likely that it’s stuck in service mode. Connecting a USB-C charger to it may return it to normal operation. Alternatively, you may find that resetting the speaker, as per the JBL Charge 5 Reset Instructions, can also help resolve the issue.

The battery of the JBL Charge 5 could be a factor as well. A malfunctioning battery might affect the power cycle of the device, hindering it from shutting off. Always ensure that the battery is not overheating, as it can also cause this problem. Overheating often results from excessive use or charging, so letting the device cool down may help.

why wont my jbl charge 5 turn off

The charging port is another component that you should check. A damaged or dirty charging port can cause the speaker to malfunction. Cleaning it might solve the problem. Also, check the power button for any noticeable defects. If it’s stuck or damaged, it might be the reason why the device won’t switch off.

A firmware or software glitch could also be causing this issue. Regular updates help to fix bugs and enhance the device’s functionality. If there’s a new firmware version available, updating it might solve the problem.

On the hardware front, a faulty circuit could be the culprit. If the internal hardware components are damaged, the device might not work as expected. A professional technician can help fix this issue.

Lastly, it’s always beneficial to refer to the user manual. It contains troubleshooting guidelines which might provide a solution to your problem. If the issue persists even after trying all the suggestions, the reset procedure might be the last resort. It will return your device to factory settings, which could solve the problem. Remember, resetting should be your last resort, as it will delete all paired devices and settings.

JBL Charge 5: Core Features

Button functionality on JBL Charge 5

JBL Charge 5 boasts a simplified design with easy-to-use buttons. On the top panel, you find the power button that should control the power state of the speaker. In normal scenarios, the speaker turns off with a single press, but what if it doesn’t?

Battery life and power management of JBL Charge 5

This powerful portable speaker comes with an impressive 20-hour battery life. But sometimes, a stubborn power issue might make you feel otherwise. If your device is continuously on, it might hint at some problem related to power management.

Typical Causes for Power Off Issues in JBL Charge 5

Service mode: A potential cause for power issues

Being in service mode could be a reason why your JBL Charge 5 won’t turn off. It’s a special mode generally used for diagnostic purposes. To put it simply, your speaker might be working overtime even when you want it to rest.

USB-C connection implications

JBL Charge 5 features a USB-C charging port. If your speaker won’t turn off, try to connect a charger to it. Sometimes, a simple connection could bring it back to its regular operating mode.

Possible impact of software glitches

Like any other device, the JBL Charge 5 isn’t immune to software issues. Unexpected software glitches could prevent your speaker from powering off properly.

Implications of battery problems

While JBL Charge 5 promises long battery life, battery issues can sometimes play tricks. A faulty or exhausted battery could cause power issues that leave your speaker on indefinitely.

Brief Overview of Common Causes

Service ModeUsed for diagnostic purposes. Might interfere with regular power functions.
USB-C ConnectionCharging connection could possibly restore regular power functions.
Software GlitchesCan occur unexpectedly, possibly affecting the power system.
Battery ProblemsFaulty or exhausted batteries could cause continuous power supply.

Steps to Resolve Power Off Problems in JBL Charge 5

Exiting the Service Mode on JBL Charge 5

If your speaker is stuck in service mode, the first thing to do is to get it out. A simple method is to press the ‘Volume+’ and ‘Bluetooth’ buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. This combination usually helps the device exit service mode.

Using a USB-C Charger to solve power issues

As already mentioned, a USB-C charger might be able to solve your problem. By plugging the speaker into a charger, you’re essentially giving it a jolt to return to its normal mode.

Resetting the JBL Charge 5

Resetting is a common troubleshooting method. For the JBL Charge 5, press the ‘Volume+’ and ‘Play’ buttons together for about 10 seconds. You should see a rapid blinking of the lights, indicating a successful reset.

Quick Guide on Troubleshooting Steps

Exit Service ModePress ‘Volume+’ and ‘Bluetooth’ buttons together for 10 seconds
Use USB-C ChargerPlug in the charger to stimulate return to normal mode
Reset DevicePress ‘Volume+’ and ‘Play’ buttons together for 10 seconds

Proactive Measures for JBL Charge 5 Power Issues

Regular maintenance recommendations for JBL Charge 5

Even the most robust devices need regular maintenance. Keeping your device clean, dry, and in a moderate temperature zone can enhance its lifespan and prevent future power issues.

proactive measures for jbl charge 5 power issues

Importance of Firmware updates

Regularly updating your JBL Charge 5’s firmware is essential. Firmware updates often bring fixes for known issues, including power problems.

Protection measures against common technical issues

Invest in a sturdy carrying case to protect your speaker from physical damage. Also, avoid overcharging or draining the battery completely to ensure optimal performance.

Preventive Measures for Power Off Issues

Regular MaintenanceKeep the device clean, dry, and at moderate temperature
Firmware UpdatesRegularly update the device’s firmware
Protection MeasuresUse a carrying case, avoid overcharging or completely draining the battery

Interacting with JBL Support

Recognizing severe technical issues in JBL Charge 5

If your JBL Charge 5 still refuses to turn off after trying all the above steps, it might have a severe technical issue. It’s advisable to reach out to JBL’s customer support for professional assistance.

Best practices to reach out to JBL customer support

Provide clear, concise information about your problem. The more precise you are, the better help you’ll receive. Be prepared to provide your device’s model number and any troubleshooting steps you’ve already attempted.


What Are Some JBL Charge 5 Problems?

A few common issues with JBL Charge 5 include difficulties in turning off or on the speaker, unresponsive power button, or service mode issues. In some instances, the speaker may also experience software glitches or battery-related problems.

How to Reset JBL Charge 5?

To reset your JBL Charge 5, you need to press the ‘Volume+’ and ‘Play’ buttons together for about 10 seconds. If successful, the lights on your device will start to blink rapidly, signaling that the device has been reset.

How to Factory Reset JBL Charge 5?

A factory reset for the JBL Charge 5 can be done by pressing and holding the ‘Volume-‘ and ‘Bluetooth’ buttons simultaneously until the device turns off. This will erase all pairing history and restore your speaker to its factory settings.

Why Won’t My JBL Charge 5 Turn Off?

Your JBL Charge 5 may not turn off due to a few reasons. The device might be stuck in service mode or a software glitch could be preventing it from powering down. Alternatively, battery issues might cause the device to remain on.

Can You Tell Me How to Turn Off JBL Charge 5?

Normally, pressing the power button should turn off your JBL Charge 5. If it doesn’t, try to connect a charger to it or reset the speaker by pressing the ‘Volume+’ and ‘Play’ buttons together for about 10 seconds.

Is My JBL Charge 5 Power Button Not Working?

If pressing the power button on your JBL Charge 5 doesn’t elicit any response, it could be due to a hardware issue. Try resetting your device first. If the problem persists, it’s recommended to reach out to JBL customer support.

Why Does My JBL Charge 5 Keep Turning Off?

If your JBL Charge 5 keeps turning off, it could be due to a faulty or drained battery, overheating, or a software glitch. Make sure the device is charged and at room temperature. If issues persist, a reset or reaching out to customer support might be necessary.

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